Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New places.....

 We're still settling into the new house, there are still boxes to empty and furniture to move...and new walks to find. I've spend a good deal of time recently finding somewhere we can go for our everyday walk and also looking for places we can drive to easily.

We found this magic little place recently. It's very close to the house. It's a walk that starts on a small country road then goes off onto a trail over the mountains. But the best bit is the forested section at the beginning. Horse Chestnut and Beech mostly with the odd Oak. It's wonderful.

Maisie (and Murphy!) have become fascinated with conkers!

It's good for running, going on your trike, climbing on walls....

and tasting wild mint! 
Think it ticks all the boxes for a good family walk then!

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