Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Hippy Sack

So, while waiting for the little guy to arrive, some knitting happened! This post is just me wanting to show off really! Both my knitting...and my gorgeous little guy!! He was really sleepy when I took these pictures, but still smiling. That's my sweetie!

The pattern is 'sleepy time' from Pipsqueak Knits. I can't remember what wool I used, but it was a baby merino and it came from my lovely, local knitting shop Treasure. I changed the pattern a bit, as when I was knitting it I thought it was looking a bit narrow. Luckily, Catherine from Treasure is a whizz crocheter so I got her to crochet side panels for it. I also skipped the sleeves as I thought it might be too warm. I LOVE the way it turned out. It's super soft and roomy for my big boy. I knit a cord for the end so it can be left open or closed. It's perfect for keeping him snug when we're out and about or he comes out of the sling for a feed. Hugh christened it the Hippy Sack!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

On the beach...

We took a little holiday to Tramore recently. Our first as a family of 4! Clonea Strand is a beautiful beach outside Dungarvin. When we got there it was actually sunny, so we built a little sun shade for the sleeping baba.

I find it impossible to stop staring at why try?

Rockpools were discovered, crabs were found, sandcastles built, it was a wonderful day.

Back on Tramore Beach a gypsy princess was seen dancing across the sand. She was accompanied by her faithful friend Murphy. As always partly delighted and partly tormented by her games. 


Here's hoping we'll get a few more beach days in the midst of this rainy Summer we're having!

Friday, June 8, 2012


Cepaea hortensis - White-Lipped Snail and Helix aspersa - The Garden Snail
Homo sapiens- Little Girl!

Another garden favorite around here is the Snail! These gastropods were found during a recent dig around the garden and then joined us for lunch! Ok....I can see one of them has gone missing in the picture above but I can assure you Maisie is eating an almond in this shot!
Both these species are very common and Helix aspersa is actually edible although considered more of a nuisance in gardens than a tasty treat!
Hope you're having a great Friday!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

After the storm.....

We had some pretty dramatic rain and wind a while back. Our beach disappeared and all the debris from the lake washed up along the shore. We play a game where we make little boats from the bits and pieces we find lying about, so the pickings were rich on this occasion!

And for a dog with a stick obsession it was heaven! A happy half  hour was spent getting him to jump off the pier and do giant doggie belly flops into the water. Very entertaining!

And I started a twig collection. Fun for everyone after the storm!