Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Harvest time....

We almost missed blackberry season! Not sure why, time just sometimes seems to race away from me....
But we did get out there a while ago and picked probably the last of the crop.

Picking and some eating at the same time!
 We also took the last of the apples from the apple trees. These were a happy discovery made after we had moved into our new house!

Maisie had a little taste of everything first. Actually she has picked an apple everytime we've gone into the garden since mid-summer, seeming unbothered about their bitterness!
Then it was onto the kitchen and a slight adaptation of the Blackberry Tart recipe from Dennis Cotter's Paradiso Seasons. If you've not been to his fantastic resturant in Cork, put it on your to-do-list!


Is there anything yummier than Blackberry and Apple Tart? Well at this time of the year when you've picked your own berries and apples....I don't think there is! 

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  1. the blackberry season seems to come and go very quickly! We were lucky to pick some with all the birds about, and your right it's the perfect time for a blackberry and apple tart!