Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Spring recap!

February was Ownie's first Birthday. The Birthday Ring that Opi brought back from Germany came out. It's still mostly me that gets a kick out of seeing it...though both kids liked blowing out the candle.
A rather unprofessional-looking robot cake was made. Tasted good though! 

Woolly pants were worn...mostly by Ownie thank god. Children grew and played and learnt to walk...

Some of us briefly channelled a "Miami Octogenarian"  look for a while....thanks Mam!

Flowering red current (one of my favorites) blossomed outside the house. Smells like cat wee but it always remind me of the time I was falling in love with my not sure what that says about us!

My best friends came to visit!  They've been multiplying too!

Ownie and I had a fantastic trip to Cornwall. It's such a cool place. For instance at the town where my friends live they have a bubble room just for babies (and their tired Mothers). Some of my favourite people live there too!

To cap it all off a purple hen came and laid a bunch of colourful eggs on our table! Hope she comes again next year, although all that messing with dyes and three year olds wanting to be involved and dyed eggs being thrown across the room I'm not sure she will...