Friday, October 21, 2011


Identifriday- where we identify the wildlife we come across on our doorstep and on our travels and get into the habit of noticing and appreciating our local biodiversity!

Tegenaria domestica - Common House Spider
We have had a few visitors of the arachnid variety recently! I always forget just how big these guys seem when they're scurrying across your living room floor. But, as we tell Maisie, they are nice guys, just looking to get in from the cold for a while... This photo was taken a while back, we seemed to have had at least one a day in the house for a while but as Tegenaria domestica are widespread and common it's no surprise to see them often.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. It is good that you are teaching your child about things like this- I am fine with the tiny spiders, as well as the beautiful autumn spiders that build webs out in my garden, however the big ones still give me a fright, mostly though because Wolf spiders can be a problem around here so I have taught the children to be cautious of the bigger spiders. My daughter is so sweet though and cannot bring harm to one, and is all about rescuing any spider that happens into the house. :) ~April

  2. We get something similar to that in Wyoming. My husband catches them and then uses the internet to make sure they aren't deadly before releasing them outside....they are always the same kind of spider.

  3. There is some sort of elegence in the way they look, huh?

  4. That is an excellent photograph.