Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring in our step!

The bees are busy in the apple blossoms.

Buff tailed Bumble Bee - Bombus terrestris

Honey Bee - Apis mellifera

Outside my parents house the Blackthorn is in bloom, and the Crabapple.

Primroses and Wild Strawberry line the road edges.

And in the shadows the ferns slowly unfurl....

All around life is stretching out after a long sleep and we all seem to have a Spring in our step!

photo by P. Keane


  1. How gorgeous!
    I love that optmistic time ofthe year when everything wakes up.
    Here we are in the opposite time.
    The trees are losing their leaves and it is freezing outside.

  2. The crabapple is a beautiful colour - or maybe it is that Pat is a great photographer - altogether just lovely.

  3. Thanks Kate! The older I get the more I appriciate Spring, it is truely lovely around here right now.
    Eileen, I took that, Dad took the one of Maisie walking, but it is a stunningly beautiful colour x