Friday, May 27, 2011


Identifriday- where we identify the wildlife we come across on our doorstep and on our travels and get into the habit of noticing and appreciating our local biodiversity!

 May Bug - Melolontha mellontha
According to Irish Indoor Insects the May Bug is the most common insect to be sent in for identification to the Natural History Museum by the public. It's not surprising! They are big, measuring up to 35 mm and as you can probably guess, they are most commonly seen in May.
 I spotted this guy along with several of his friends lying on the ground outside. Couldn't figure out why so many of them were there until that night while I was getting a glass of water and heard a bang on the glass. The outdoor light was on and the poor May bugs were disoriented and kept bashing into the window. Whoops! That's several beautiful big May bugs on my conscience! We keep the light off now so hopefully there won't be anymore causalities.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and let me know if you spot any interesting wildlife!


  1. You were so lucky to see so many. We love cockchafers although sadly have only spotted one so far this month. Last year lots more.

  2. how nice to find out more about the bugs in your garden

  3. I am fascinated with big bugs, as long as they don't sneak up and take me by surprise!