Monday, May 23, 2011

the laneway

We've walked up and down 'our' lane way in sunshine, rain, snow, thunder! We've dragged our groceries up in a sleigh when the snow became to deep to drive in. I walked it the day before Maisie was born with our midwife and have carried her countless times up and down it since.  Now she likes to run full pelt while I watch and try to resist the urge to tell her to slow down! On days where we don't stray too far from home it's our little fix of the outdoors.
At the moment the hedges are veiled in white and smells heavenly with hawthorn and gorse. Primroses and wild violets are everywhere and if you're lucky you can catch a glimpse of a bunny or two! Summer will bring more growth, the trees will get greener and the glorious pink foxgloves will arrive. Then it's a berry paradise with rowan, sloes, hawthorn and blackberries to fight over with the birds! Then the trees turn to orange and brown and winter strips back everything so we can see the moss covered stones of the walls and old ruins.
It is my favorite "part" of this house and I can't help but feel sad to know we will soon be leaving this place we have come to know as home.


  1. I understand your feelings Bridget. Bur remember, home is where the heart is and for me, Lios Mhic Feorais has been and still is Home.You'll be taking your beloved laneway wherever you live, wherever you love and this first home of yours will always be in your heart.

  2. Thanks Marie-France...that is so sweet and so true too. B xx