Monday, January 17, 2011

Trapper Hat and Brenda Band

 I can't believe these Christmas presents are still sitting here on my kitchen table and not warming the heads of the intended recipients!
The yarn is Sublime chunky merino tweed and the hat is the Trapper hat from the book of the same name. The hairband I am calling the Brenda Band as that is who it's for. It's a simple garter stitch for the band and the flower was mostly accidentally made! I knitted a small diamond shape and then stitched around the edges so they curled upwards a little, then stuck a button on.

I tried to make a cool little emblem for the trapper hat....that didn't work too well. I felted a knitted square and tried to cut out the shape of a fox but these little rabbits ears were all I got! It's not supposed to be a playboy bunny hat or anything! Oh well.
They were very easy and quick to knit which was perfect for someone with a long Christmas knitting list. Now I just have to get to the post office!