Monday, January 24, 2011

House happenings (or what we got up to last week!)

Last week we baked the amazingly yummy oat, hazelnut and maple cookies from The Blazing Salads Cookbook, am, three or four times I think! We ran out of hazelnuts so substituted chocolate chips.

Maisie helped, if helping can be defined as finding all the chocolate chips that fell on the floor (and lots did....since she was helping) and eating them as quickly as possible.

            They lasted just long enough to take a few photos of.......

The apple cinnamon muffins from Get It Ripe, are so easy to bake, so healthy and so tasty for no sugar, wheat or dairy! We made them for our playgroup and to take over to a friends house so we've eaten rather a lot of them this week.

Lots of tidying up happened in anticipation of friends over for dinner on saturday night then lots of tidying the next day after the seven adults, three kids and six dogs that were over. I love dogs but cleaning up the hair from six dogs tested that love somewhat!

Refilling the bird feeder several times, we've got hungry birds here on the hills! All the usual culprits, Goldfinches, Blue Tits, Chaffinches plus the bigger crows that swarm down and scare all the others away.

Made Tamale pie from this book, enough for three days. Sure you get a bit tired of eating the same dinner every night but I love not having to cook dinners!

                   What happened in your house last week?


  1. We had a busy week with baking, crafting, art making and more. How old is Maisie? My daughter is 16 months.

  2. They're very close then! She's 17 months. I want to start doing more arts and crafts with her...reckon I'd get some good ideas on your blog! I'm loving the terrarium.

  3. Mmmm, I'd love one of those cookies now.