Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rainy Walk

Sometimes, even when it's grey and rainy you must go outdoors.

                         Follow the path down to the bare winter forest.

Photo H. Fox

Admire the evidence of last years growth and the promise of growth to come.

Larch- Larix decidua Photo: H. Fox

                           Find a hidey tree where the fairies sleep.

Wonder if there's deer about or even better rabbits.

Photo: H. Fox

And admire the river, come down from the mountains, deeper now, moving more slowly. Holding the promise of the sea.


  1. The good photos are taken by my husband!

  2. I was out walking in the Clare woods on Sunday and the little brother's two dogs chased a huge deer right onto the path in front of us. Beautiful; Murphy and Maisie would have loved to see it.