Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gloves and Granny's Sewing Box

After my Granny passed away I asked my mother if I could have her sewing box. I remembered it from childhood and was pretty sure it would contain lots of vintage buttons and assorted old things that I would love.

It didn't disappoint.

I put off looking through all it's contents and decided I would only look when I was searching for something in particular. Practically every time I looked in it for the first few months I found another wonderful gem. It's contents were from a time when nothing was thrown away and everything saved in case it was needed again.

When I started knitting these gloves for my sister's birthday I knew I wanted to put some sort of trim around the top. I dug out the box and tucked away in a little plastic bag with other pieces of material was some beautiful lace.

My Granny had used this material for something she made, or saved it from a worn out item of clothing. Perhaps it was worn by one of our Aunts or Grand Aunts. It sat in the box for maybe 50 years only to be retrieved and turn a nice pair of gloves into something perfect. 
Thanks Granny....


  1. What a beautiful post about such a lovely treasure ! That trim just "made" those gloves !

  2. They're beautiful; I'm looking forward to wearing them. I guess I'll have to visit before winter is out to get some wear out of them. xxx

  3. What a wonderful box of treasures and memories you have there. I hope your sister enjoys wearing them, they look great.

  4. It's like a greeting from the past, full of love and kindness...your Granny would be delighted to see you using her box.

  5. My mother and I have been going through my Great Grandmothers craft boxes and we have been having similar discoveries. I love those gloves!

  6. How I wish I had access to the great things in that sewing box - look at those rows of 'hooks and eyes!' With my ever growing figure - so many of my clothes could do with a well placed hook and eye.