Thursday, January 17, 2013

Seaweed scones for lunch!

There's nothing like hot-from-the-oven scones on a cold Janurary afternoon. Especially so when they're Prannie Rhatigan's delicious Duileasc and Cheese Scones and you get to make them with a charming little helper!

photo from Hugh
For kids, baking breads and scones are great as they can really get their hands stuck in and this recipe is perfect as at the start you have to crisp and crumble the seaweed. Good fun if you're three!

photo from Hugh

They turned out pretty darned yummy I have to say and I admit finding some pleasure in seeing the kids eat seaweed. Lots of iron!

Best served with this much butter. Bad...but very very good.

photo by H.Fox


  1. If you look back at your earlier Seaweed bread post, it's amazing how different Maisie looks.
    But she still has a serious head on her, concentrating on the cooking.

  2. Ah I should have linked to it! Yeah she is serious about baking alright!