Monday, April 4, 2011

The Urban Fox

Recently we spent some time in Belfast. Staying in a small apartment in the Titanic Quarter. Murphy was confused about the absence of green.....
Look up Murph!

"I'm supposed to wee against this?!!"

We did find some green spaces to play in eventually.

And fancy buildings make good back-drops!

And who cares so much anyway, as long as you have a good pal to play with.....

All in all we had fun, Belfast has amazing playgrounds and great places to eat. But we were relieved to get home. To fields and green and stone walls and new lambs and the comforts of home.


  1. What a cool trip, nice to visit-good to return to home. I am totally with you on the need for green growing things!

  2. Hello Bridget!
    I heard you're busy but you know what? I miss your posts!
    Take care!

  3. Belfast hey?! Maybe I'll see you up there some time?!! Yes...there is a serious lack of green, especially around the titanic quarter! But man, I love those old abandoned factories up around there. (If you got that far in)The Botanic gardens are beautiful though.
    And great places to eat????
    Tell ME!...'coz I am at a loss for decent food that doesn't involve chips when I stay!
    Bet it was Q U I T E the contrast to Wicklow! ♥