Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maisie's 'new' chair

Once upon a time a Grandad bought his little Grandson his own chair. By all accounts this was a doting Grandad and by all accounts this certain 1 year old loved his chair and would spent hours sitting in it much to the amusement of his family.

The chair spent some time stored in an attic then one day someone remembered..... and the little chair found a new owner.

I had heard about this chair before it arrived at our house. And I imagined that we would have to get it upholstered, thinking it would certainly be worn and probably out of date. How wrong I was. It's perfect in all it's 70's glory! I love its 'lived in' and retro stye. I love that Hugh sat in that chair when he was Maisie's age. I love imagining what he did when he sat there all those years ago, reading, thinking, playing with his cars certainly but probably not imagining that one day his own little daughter would be sitting in the same chair doing much the same thing as he.

She loves her new chair and it fits so perfectly in our sitting room that I almost can't remember it not being there! A little piece of history....the perfect present.


  1. I would love a retro chair like that! Don't suppose you could post a picture of Hugh trying to sit in it for me?? Neil x

  2. I love the chair - too often, old and unused items are discarded in the interest of streamlining our lives.

  3. That's so true Eileen....
    Neil I should get a pic of him in it. But he'd surely break it!

  4. Hugh! Get out of that chair immediately!! Love the post Bridget. Totally in love with the Grandad chair!!!

  5. When past and present mingle...lovely!